As you visit International Baptist Church for the first time, I'm sure you may have a few questions.We want you to know that we are real people with real problems. We don't try to hide that in any form of hypocrisy nor do we pretend to be religious. We seek to look to Christ as the answer for all that we need and realize He is our only hope. Since we are all in need, we have no intention of looking down on anyone or being critical in any way.

As you arrive, our church members will greet you and see if there is anything they can do to help. We provide a nursery for all services and we can connect your teen or child to their respective classes. Of course, if you would like to keep the family together, that is no problem at all.

As far as dress, you will find some of our members in traditional dress such as a shirt and tie and some with more casual dress. As our visitor, we are not interested in what you wear, but in getting to know who you are.

Our music is conservative. We like to use the hymns as well as new music that we believe still honors the Lord. We believe that as we worship the Lord through song, our singing can be alive and meaningful while also honoring to the Lord.

Our desire is to have preaching that is Bible based and accurate, and also that is complete with application so that all of us can allow the Word to change us in our own personal lives. Most of the time our Pastor will preach through a book of the Bible or another series designed to help us grow.

In our service schedule, we normally sing several songs, take an offering (visitors are never expected to give) pray for revival and/or for world evangelism, listen to a special number, hear the message and finish with an invitation to respond to anything God has dealt with us about.